The Log One Advantage

Log-One’s Intelligent Green Thermostats™ / Energy Management Systems (EMS)

For Building Owners and Property Managers who want to dramatically reduce their energy bills, Log-One invented and patented a line of Green Thermostats™ / Energy Management Systems (EMS).

Unlike Building Automation Systems which cost thousands of dollars, and unlike programmable thermostats which require a high level of maintenance to maximize tenant comfort and energy savings – Log-One Green Thermostats™ provide a high level of individual room control while delivering best-in-class energy efficiency.

Log One EMS are specifically designed for both retrofit and new applications, and use unique patented technology to control room temperatures, ventilation and lighting based on actual occupant behaviour.

The Log-One Advantage:

Log One EMS have been delivering independently verified, market-leading energy savings for customers since 1997, producing between 24 and 33% savings in Multi Residential environments and between 30 and 40% in classrooms and offices.

Install it. Forget it. Save.