“There was above average savings of 33% in those apartments where building owners pay for the utility.”
Nova Scotia Power, Project Results – using Log-One’s EMS-APT

“According to a recent analysis of kilowatt usage during the past two year period this move has resulted in substantially reduced energy costs [30%]. Our tenants have been very supportive of our efforts to reduce energy costs and the Board of Directors is impressed with the savings to date.”
Sandra Barrett (Executive Director) – Fenelon Area Independent Living Association

“With the Energy Management retrofit the savings were just below $300,000.00 (close to 40% savings). A large part of these savings is directly attributed to the EMS-Apartment.”
Mr. Bob McKellar, Ontario Hydro Services Company

“savings above 50% more than anticipated”
Evelyn Visconti, The Tandem Group

“Our primary concern was that in the coldest winter months, tenants would be complaining of returning to apartments that were too cold . We have not had one tenant contact us through the winter complaining of the units in any form.”
Trevor Lester – Bayshore Property Management Inc.

“Payback is estimated within 3 years . Estimated savings is $120,000 to $150,000”
GroundHeat Systems – Energy Management consultant for Ontario Hydro/The Tandem Group