Installation of the Log-One EMS resulted in energy savings of close to $900 per classroom during a seven-month period, which produced an equipment payback of less than six months. Furthermore, at the end of the full year the energy savings were $1,305 per classroom.
Toronto CDSB Dante Alighieri Academy

“One of the greatest features of the Log-One Energy Management System (EMS) is its flexibility. It’s not only a reliable thermostat for school portables, but we have also used it successfully in many specialized applications inside schools bringing extra energy savings to other areas”.
Roy Samhaber – Ameresco

“The heating in all portables was done by baseboard heaters (10 kW). They found the base (manual thermostats) consumed 11,706 kWh and the Log-One energy savings were 36%.”
National Resources Canada (NRCan) study on the Log-One