Our Passion. The smartest EMS on the market.

Log-One was clearly ahead of its time.

It was in the ‘90s that Log-One’s founder and CEO Hugues de Milleville first began to develop what is now a market leader in the smart thermostat arena. Energy prices were low, and “Green”, “sustainability” and “energy management systems” were not the buzzwords of the day. Fast forward many years, and Log-One now boasts not only of enhanced technology and reliability, but most importantly a proven track record of industry leading energy savings. Third party tests consistently demonstrate savings of between 24-33% in apartment settings, and 30-40% in school and office applications. Our product and our company have stood the test of time.

Log-One continues to work closely with leading North American utility companies, multi-residential property managers, and school boards to implement effective energy saving solutions. We are recognized for our vision, our technical expertise and our ability to translate customer needs into a competitive offering.

We invite you to share our passion for a greener planet and lower energy bills!