Our Passion. The smartest EMS on the market.

Our Team

Hugues de Milleville, Engineer, Founder and co-CEO

Hugues is an Electronics Engineer and brings over 20 year’s experience as President of Log-One. Inventor of the patented Log-One Green Thermostat, Hugues excels at translating customer requirements and ideas into innovative products.

Glenn Davis: co-CEO

Glenn is a business development and marketing specialist who has been successfully serving multiple technology clients for 20 years. He has worked with over 40+ companies and has established relationships in multiple markets and created hundreds of channel partners for his clients.

Chris Baxter: Production Manager

Chris brings 12 years of direct company experience as production Manager at Log-One. Chris handles all purchasing, manufacturing, testing, service and installation support.

Cheng Yuan Qian:

Cheng is an embedded system design engineer with 8 years’ experience in China and 6 years’ experience in Canada.

Siobhan de Milleville

Siobhan provides administrative management. She brings to the position a varied work experience, including 5 years as Assistant Manager at Bell Communications Systems Inc., a former sister company of Bell Canada, and 20 years of experience in Methods and Procedures and accounting at Log-One.